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Welcome to How to Love.

I discovered how to feel loved.

I was stuck in life. Stuck emotionally and stuck in an apartment in Rome, Italy! How so? I was a member of a cult that confined me to an apartment for three years. Depressed, suicidal, without hope. Then I discovered how to receive God’s love, and everything changed. The feeling of overwhelming love gave me the courage to escape.

At that time, I truly suffered as a discarded and emotionally retarded Catholic priest. Then a miracle of love invaded me and life began all over again. Today, I’m an entirely different person. After twenty years in Europe and a few years learning how to receive love I’m happily married. We have two young boys and enjoy life immensely.

Do you enjoy enough love in your life?

When you discover something wonderful, you want to share it. That’s what this site is all about. If you wonder about love, how to experience it fully, how to let it inside, how to let it change you, how to express it, then you’ve found the right place. At least let me share what happened to me and see if you discover something you may need.

Who would get the most out of this site? If you believe in Jesus Christ, but somehow feel that profound love is still beyond your grasp, then your at the right place to discover a few helpful ideas. I’d like to help you feel loved. If your willing to understand what may be blocking the experience of love inside of you and open to try some Christian meditation, even better.


Andy (Andrew Lee Sullivan)

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Andrew Lee Sullivan is the pioneer and foremost educator on Affirmation Meditation. He's a national, award-winning hospice counselor and grief recovery specialist. In 2007, as a Catholic priest and cult survivor, Sullivan became a Vatican whistle-blower. Today, Andrew is happily married and enjoys a second life under the Arizona sunshine with his wife and two young boys. His memoir is entitled: Vatican Intervention.

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